Gone surfing

That time of year for the father-sons bonding boat trip to an outer island spot that was once remote, but now is found. And Youtubed. I haven’t been on-line for a week–this is automatically posted. As you read this, I’m quite possibly

a) drinking coffee and reading a book while waiting for the dawn patrol crowds to thin out
b) drinking cold Coke and reading a book while waiting for the noon crowds to thin out
c) drinking cold Bintang and reading a book while waiting for the sunset crowds to thin out

Or possibly fishing while waiting for a swell and the commencement of activities a thru c above.

Or possibly adrift at sea while waiting for engine to be fixed.

It’s really quite amazing how this spot has changed over the years, the expat crowd that’s leased properties and built holiday homes and surf resorts, which in addition to the local homestays and inns for the backpackers has turned this place into a seasonal group-fest United Nations surf zone.

(Rob Nichols, he who became so fixated on certain hollow right that it almost became known as Rob’s Right, and Dave Radford, on the Hati Murnih I, an underground, and a few times nearly underwater, private surf boat, circa early nineties–no resorts, no crowds, no paved roads, no electricity, no ice*, and at night that shoreline behind the boat was just the silhouette of palms against the stars.

*The biggest town had electricity at night, and you could buy ice chunks frozen in freezers, but it was quite an expedition to get an ice chest there and back on the local truck that served as the bus and livestock transport service)

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