Indonesia’s most over-rated famous surf break?

In my humble, spin-twisted and reef-cut opinion, Indonesia’s most over-rated famous wave is Scar Reef. It doesn’t break properly until it’s six foot, and even then, it doesn’t break properly. You have to pick the peak that doesn’t have a shoulder because the ones with the shoulders are the ones that section you out or shut you down onto a nasty reef just a few inches of water shy of dry. And even those shoulderless peaks will suddenly decide to throw one on top of you anyway. Not to mention there isn’t any real channel. And when its solid 8 to 10 foot, you’re sitting out there during a lull in the lineup, and you see a set smashing into the sail rock down by the headland, a booming explosion of white water, you get to have the joyous experience of a full minute of adrenalin, knowing full well that set is headed your way.

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2 Responses to Indonesia’s most over-rated famous surf break?

  1. david Lee says:

    I surfed scar for the first time this past May on a nice 6 – 8 foot swell. It was scary and there were few takers. I agree with you somehwat, but, on the other hand it is an incredibly challenging wave, especiaaly at that size. The next day was 4 feet and really fun (i.e. not life threatening). There is a channell, a huge hannel where the boats post up – how could you miss that??

    • Hey, thanks for the comment, David. Sure, there is a channel to anchor up. I mean a surfing channel, at least a notch in the reef, where you can kick out and cruise. A channel where the soup rushes to, one you can aim for if caught. Generally, if you are caught in the white water at Scar, you get pushed further and further onto shallower and shallower reef. Sure, one can have fun at Scar, but me, while I don’t mind size, and I’m willing to pay my dues, I’m at an age where I don’t particularly want to be “challenged” to make the exit. Been there, done that in my youth. My hat’s off to the guys who dig it.

      Indonesia is the land of the perfect surf break, dozens upon dozens of world class waves peeling along a reef without a drop of water out of place. That’s what I’m comparing Scar Reef to.

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