What’s a surfer doing in my new novel about Bali’s 1965 mass killings?

First, a snapshot of Scar Reef (see previous post) taken more than fifteen years ago, the largest I’ve ever seen it. Twelve foot sets easy. That speck is one of my buddies paddling. Yoyo’s was a washout, but Super Suck, by far the class wave in the area, was a piddle dribble. Go figure. We did take the dingy around the corner from Yoyo’s at the left there (where Newmont miner surfers consider themselves locals, but back then there were only horseflies) and nearly got caught by a huge closeout set.

Now, as for the surfer in my novel, take a look at the sidebar to the left of this page, where you will see a menu item called THE BONES OF THE NEW MOON. The first three chapters are posted.

In an earlier post, I spoke of Bali’s mass killings of 1965, which I witnessed as a boy. I always knew that I’d write a story about that time, and so I have, a novel titled THE BONES OF THE NEW MOON. I also knew when I started writing it a few years ago that, given the state of the publishing industry in these economic times, where publishers seek the sure bestseller, I’d have a hard time getting it into print. Sure enough, the novel was deemed to have limited market appeal, too foreign and exotic.

Rather than letting it sit on my hard drive, I’ve decided to self-publish. A version of this novel is available for various e-reader formats, such as the Kindle, is available for .99 cents (US) at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/71793. Because Kindle and other e-reader formats are not available in Indonesia and other countries, and because this is a part of Bali’s history that really should be better known than it is, I am making this blog version available for free download.

I will post the 38 chapters in three chapter sections. You will find these on the side-bar to the left. Except for today’s start, I will post mid-week 3-chapter uploads, and will at the end make a PDF version available. All copyrights secured.

Oh, the surfer in the novel. He’s a minor but important character and makes his first appearance in Chapter 12.

I hope you all enjoy the read.

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