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Chapters 1 -3 PDF

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Chapters 7 – 9 PDF

I’ll keep posting these chapters until the end (all 38 of ’em). But if you are impatient to read the whole shebang, a version of this entire novel is available for various e-reader formats, such as the Kindle, for .99 cents (US) at And look, this isn’t a bait-and-switch. The reason I’m only posting three chapters at a time (for free reading) is because I’m doing another line edit–writers are always notoriously tinkering with their deathless prose, and sometimes the prose has been the death of the writer. Plus I’m not the world’s best copy-editor (a copy editor is deeply concerned with things grammatical and stuff like that but I am trying to catch all the errors–for example, is it “into the breech one more” or “into the breach once more”? Breech refers to the buttocks–and um, I think I’ll just leave that right there and say I meant the latter breach, as in, “lads, to the battle!” I didn’t catch this until this last go round in chapters 7 – 9. Also, keep in mind the Kindle and other e-readers are much easier on the reading eye than a computer screen. Unfortunately, if you live in Indonesia, Amazon in its wisdom has decreed that they cannot sell Kindle editions to this country for some mysterious reason beyond ken. Hence this free version in the first place.

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