Death at Nusa Dua

A French surfer Warrisse Jean Claude (Wally) was found dead in the Nusa Dua surf yesterday morning (March 7, 2012). The surf was reported to be 2 to 4 foot, with occasional bigger sets

His friend Bocky wrote this email:

This guy lived the moment and was clearly passionate about his surfing.

It appeared he had struck his head either with his board or the reef. I saw him at the morgue and the doctor said he died from being struck to unconsciousness’ then drowning. He had a deep wound to the top right hand side of his head.. very sad.

Wally had recently returned from a Mentawis boat trip. He was on the Indies Trader and said it was just incredible.. great guys, consistent 3 to 6 ft days, perfect clean waves with no crowd.. being the wet season he was very lucky.. just 4 to 6 of them sharing perfect waves.. he was the cook so he got a great deal..

– Wally said.. and i quote.. “it was just perfect, the best waves of my life.. we were in heaven”

Fred who knew Wally mentioned the surf today was just beautiful 4 t 5 ft and lining up.. So we can smile knowing this fellow surfer died doing what he loves in perfect waves.. perhaps he was in heaven?

RIP Wally- your strong French accent and outside takeoffs will be missed.

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7 Responses to Death at Nusa Dua

  1. patricia gauzere says:

    je ne parle pas anglais mais j’ai compris que je ne reverrais plus mon cousin jean claude en vie et je suis tres triste car c’etait le plus gentil des hommes et je l’aimais beaucoup mreci de prendre soin de lui

    • Using Google translator: I do not speak English but I understood that I never again see my cousin jean claude alive and I am very sad because it was the nicest men I loved and mreci to take care of him.

      It’s always painful to lose a fellow surfer, Patricia.

  2. Sil says:

    Rest In Peace Wally

  3. nick says:

    WALLY I DO NOT KNOW YOU BUT I KNOW U ARE NOW IN A PLACE even better than THE MENTEWES. god bless you.

  4. Thomas says:

    C’est un choc pour tout le petit monde du surf Français à Bali, j’ai vu Wally samedi dernier avant mon retour en France sous une belle pluie tropicale devant son losmen de retour de Cerrangan avec notre ami Fred.
    Il y aura maintenant toujours un vide de plus sans Wally sur les vagues de Bali et dans la famille d’Ayodya, où il avait l’habitude de loger. Sa gentillesse sa simplicité et son sourire nous manquera à tous sur le line up de Nusa Dua.

    • From Google Translator: It’s a shock for all the small world of French surfing in Bali, I saw Wally on Saturday before returning to France in a beautiful tropical rain losmen before his return Cerrangan [Serangan?] with our friend Fred.

      Now there will always be a gap of no more Wally on the waves of Bali and in the family of Ayodya, where he used to stay. Its simplicity and kindness his smile will be missed on the line up of Nusa Dua.

  5. vintrigner says:

    Wally, était un pote.nous étions rentré ensemble dans l’armée de l’air en 1976, puis ensemble durant différentes formations en école, 2 ans à la réunion en 1982, et enfin ensemble sur la base aérienne de cazaux de 1999 à 2005.Je l’avais revu en 2006 et 2009 .il était venu manger à la maison.
    un grand pote qui part.
    salut jean claude

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