Additional historical information on Bali surfing

Your blog correspondent is on the road, or to be precise, at the end of a flight and stuck in a postage stamp of a hotel room in Singapore. I don’t believe they even have a wave pool here in Singers, but I’m pretty sure I could go out to the coast and find a SUP rental…

Bali Belly has a good short video on Bali surfing in the 1970s. In the 1960s, after Mt. Agung’s eruption, my dad used to drive out to Karangasem to visit refugees (we lived in Klungkung), and sometimes the family went. Along the way, we’d stop for a picnic on a lovely white sand beach under a stand of palms…Candidasa. As Tony Wheeler says in the vid, that place sure lost its original charm, including its entire beach, in a hurry.

The latest (or at least the April issue) of Bali Surf Times also has some great articles and photos on surfing in the early days. But I left the issue at home, and believe it or not, Google isn’t offering up the website for the magazine.

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3 Responses to Additional historical information on Bali surfing

  1. You can find all of April Surf Time mag here:

  2. Some of the photo captions got the year of some photos wrong, but most photos were taken mid 1970’s

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