Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1433 H

Without a doubt, Indonesia has the world’s largest population of Muslim surfers. How cool is that?

Recently I read an interview on Balibellyabout one of the young hot-shots from Desert Point, a Muslim kid named Usman Trioko.

Listen to what he has to say:

Q: What advice do you have to people coming to surf Deserts?
Please come to Deserts and enjoy the waves, but don’t fight. Everyone always comes and fights.

Q: Why is that?
I don’t know why people fight. I don’t think they fight at Uluwatu or Bingin. Sometimes it’s Aussie’s and Brazilians. And Hawaiians. Just relax. If someone dropped in on you, just relax, the next wave will be perfect again so you can forget about it.

Puts some of us to shame. Your blog correspondent hasn’t been to DP in, gosh, 20 years, but I’m almost ready to pack up and go there next swell just to give Usman a hearty hoot and salaam.

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