Kuta Beach, 1920

A picture is worth a hundred words, but I’ll add some anyway.

Over the years, your blog correspondent has seen hundreds of pictures of old Bali, in coffee table books and in galleries and personal collections. I have never seen this one, though, which was the cover shot of BALI EXPAT free magazine. Taken in 1920 by Thilly Wiessenborn (a Dutch female photographer born in Indonesia), this was long before Bali’s first known surfer, Bob Koke built his hotel in Koeta, as it was then commonly spelled.

The far point in the image is where the Discovery Mall/Kartika Plaza hotel now presently hulks. The tree and outriggers would be close to Kuta’s beach art market. I’d like to say I remember that tree from the 1960s when we’d swim at Kuta, but I do definitely remember the outriggers being hauled up the beach there. That’s where a bunch of local kids played with planks and broken outriggers in the surf.

Looks like a fun swell is running. Palm fronds appear bent to the west, so this might have been taken in the dry/east trade wind season. Lordie, this makes me want to build a time travel machine big enough for me and my SUP.

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3 Responses to Kuta Beach, 1920

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Thats a potent image…

  2. Book me in your Time Machine mate! If it can turn back time, does it also turn back arthritis?

  3. aquafeel says:

    For some people reading your stories is already like time machine in action! Thanks for sharing!

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