Bali surf spots as Google translated (and some fun advice for Bali’s Russian surf visitors)

Some time ago, surfing around the Internet for information, your blog correspondent stumbled across a website page on Bali surf spots. Here is the description for Secrets (which isn’t a secret spot, and otherwise known as Padanggalak or Biaung)

Biaung Beach is one of the best surfing points in Bali Island located in Gianyar Regency. This beach has big and powerful wave that become one of the attraction for surfers to conquer the wave and enjoy the surfing adventures. This beach is situated in the eastern part of Bali Island with black sandy stretch 10 km from the east part of Klungkung regency to the west and the sea nature overlooking to the Indian Ocean that make this place very beautiful. Many foreign and domestic tourists visit this beach for relaxation or go for surfing activities. This beautiful beach is favored by the powerful waves that are always giving full of challenges for surfers and force them to take the surfing direction from right to the left (right-hander). Lembeng Beach/Biaung Beach has been blessed by the amazing panorama in particular sunset that creates the romantic nuance for every visitor who visits this place.

I wonder if this English text was first written in Bahasa Indonesia and then put through the Google translator

Here is how it works. You type in your source text in the left hand box (Google will automatically detect the source language if you don’t specify it), and as you type, in the right hand box Google will automatically translate into language of your choice. In the example below, I typed in a snippet from an Indonesian article from Surf Time Magazine, and which Google into English. I think you can see how the above English might have possibly gotten mangled. Still and but, the point does come across, and Google translator can be a very useful tool if there’s something in some language you don’t understand and want to (like, say, a letter from Immigration).

Authentic Bahasa Indonesia text:

The Google translated version:

Now say your blog correspondent wants to write a note for a Russian travel surf company. Easy! I write it in English and pick Russian as the translation language. It might not come out as grammatically perfect Russian, but I think they will understand the gist and be grateful for my suggestion on how to have a joyous, peaceful, and relaxing time surfing in Bali.



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One Response to Bali surf spots as Google translated (and some fun advice for Bali’s Russian surf visitors)

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    That Russian note of yours should be the template….

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