Who first used fire? Who invented the wheel? Who were the first surfers?

Your blog correspondent has gone cross-eyed doing tedious line edits, which is checking the grammar and spelling and syntax of every…single…sentence…and W–R–O–D whoops that should be W–O–R–D of a 400 page manuscript (if I were to line-edit this post per the Chicago Manual of Style, section 8.3 of the Manual sternly tells me that should be “four hundred page manuscript” — and according to table 6.1, that should be “four-hundred page manuscript”). No time to contemplate a blog post today, so I thought I’d put up this link of local Papuan kids riding little wooden surfboards (alaia), without having seen a surfer in their lives. I came across this Internet article last week.

Any time and any place there’s moving water and something that floats, you can bet the local kids are frolicking.

Look at me, Ma!

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