Incomplete listing of early Indo surfers’ boats (non-charter)

Monday again? Where does the time go…

The first (modern) surfers to Bali had enough island on their hands to explore, and at times with great difficulty, mud tracks all around the Bukit where there are now roads for example, without overly exercising themselves about the outer islands. But surfers being surfers, there was always the wonder of what was over the rainbow and across the channel. Many got on local boats and ferries, or chartered outriggers. Others owned/operated boats outright, just for the joys and perils and hassles of early Indo surf exploration. Here is an incomplete listing of those that were private (*not intended for charter business–that’s another post), and only a listing, just to get this down:

1. The Turtle Boat

2. The Ferrocement Boat, whose name is momentarily lost in my neurons. I believe that Dem the Backgammon Guru owned it, at least for a time. [update: a reader reports that the name was Moana Manu, and then Dem changed it to G’Land Express to do surf charters to G’land. This probably before Bobby Radiasa got Boyum’s camp going again]

3. Robert Wilson and K3882. This little boat actually made it all the way around the top end of Lombok and partway down the Sumbawa Straits…

4. Rex Patten and “Angie Katoa”. Rex was one of the early pioneers to Desert Point and islands east.

5. Tim Watts and “The Raden”. A power cat that buzzed around places. Tim later got a sailboat.

6. Chris James Jimbo and “Tigger”. Jimbo originally had a local wooden fishing boat, I believe built in Madura, but then got a sailing cat, “Tigger.” Jimbo and friends pioneered the Telos and Banyak Islands off Sumatra, including some surf spots a dozen years ago that are just now getting some media attention as new discoveries…

Who else? I know I’m missing a bunch. Chime in if you know…

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15 Responses to Incomplete listing of early Indo surfers’ boats (non-charter)

  1. Anonymous says:

    What about capt Robert Plant?

    • Anonymous says:

      Rob and Michael?
      They sank that sleek looken wooden boat at Nusa Lembongan and then built a 48′ cat on Turtle Island with Bryce and Haden.

      • Rob and Michele Hossock (I think I got their names right) raised a family on the Iririki (I’m not sure I got that name right), Rob brewing his own beer as they sailed and surfed the outer islands here. Yeah, they lost the boat at Lembongan on a rising nighttime swell and snapped mooring. Then they built the Raptor, the cat, and on their maiden voyage got slammed by a local but heavy cyclone off Sumbawa/Sumba

  2. I think you mean David Plant? He skippered the Wyeema, and then the Sirius, two sailing yachts, and then a power boat he built in Thailand. They were for charter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    From memory Tigger was brought in to indo by Jim Garret (Jimbo) an expat Seth Efriken, yo Jimbo, lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Prior to setting up my Co PT Prahu Moana in Bali & building both Rob Hossak’s cat & the 86ft cat “Sail Sensations” I cruised my classic 55fr yawl “Ruthean” extensively around east Nusa Tengara. Great trips & waves down at east Sumba, anchoring out front of Lakey Peak & at my old recently departed friend Dave Wyllie’s camp. Great times & fond memory’s. Should’nt fget Dorris & “Pacific Street”. either. The list goes on…..

  4. Bryce Rasmussrn says:

    Who set this site up. it’s a cracker..

  5. Jimbo says:

    Moon Walker the Grainer Cat.
    Huma Humu (Mike Miller who named Millers Rights in Sumba).
    Spy Glass (Tim watts)
    Grahadi (Stevo Breedo)
    Pacific Street (Doris day)
    Tigger (Jim Garrard)
    Harapan Jaya (Jim Garrard and Chris Carson)

    • Good stuff, Jimbo! I don’t know where I got :”Chris James” from!

    • PS What ever happened to the Madura boat?

      • Jimbo says:

        Harapan Jaya was the Madura boat.
        The anchor dragged at Kedongana, Jimbaran in a big swell and she got trashed in the shore break near the fish market.

        We stripped it and flipped it upside down with 44 gallon drums in her and re caulked hull.
        When was turned back over and and getting ready when one of the Madura crew died in a bike crash buying materials and we considered it bad karma and the scuttled her and sold the teak wood off to help the family of the crew.

        Sad story for such a great boat, she took us to G-land rights, Deserts, South Lombok, Gili Isle rights, Super Suck and Scar reef.

      • Thanks, Jimbo. Oh the stories YOU could tell…and you should. How about it?

  6. David Sotto says:

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