Bali 2013 Tide Charts, a brief history of early tide chart-less days, and a used SUP for sale

In the blog title menu is link to Bali 2013 tide charts from Indo Surf & Lingo. Learning the lingo, by the way, is probably the single best thing a traveling surfer can do, not just for basic communication but to make good local friends. Sit down in a local warung or coffeshop and pick up a few words from them. Not just Bahasa, which is the national language, but their own island dialect. They’ll be super-stoked.

At any rate, the late Kim Bradley loved to tell the story of how in the 70s traveling surfers couldn’t make heads or tails of the Bali tides. This one guy, for example, who one year surfed excellent Padang at an incoming tide, and the next year returned to Padang at the same time of day only to find after an hour in the lineup and a wipeout that hey, there’s no water left on the reef!

Those few Bali expats in the know would make hush-hush missions to Benoa harbor and, with an appropriate rituals conducted and offerings made to the Keeper of the Keys, would photocopy the official government tide charts. Possessing such a document was like possessing some arcane alchemical knowledge that unlocked the mysteries of the universe. It was knowledge that was jealously and zealously hoarded, strictly for the initiated, those who knew how to find the Keeper of the Keys. There would be whispers in Kuta bars and warungs, and out in the lineups: “Do you have it?” and soft sighs that were blatant lies, “Sorry, mate.”

But I reckon it was easy enough to figure out what was going on even without the tide charts. The early local Kuta surfers, Kasim and Menda and Suwenda and Cookie and those guys, certainly didn’t need charts. Kuta was a fishing village. The rhythm of moon and the tides was in their heads, in their blood, in their culture. They could tell you to the minute and centimeter what the tide was doing any day of the lunar year.

At any rate, to utterly change the subject to crass commercialism, your blog correspondent has a used Stand Up Paddle board for sale, a Jimmy Stewart 10′, 28 inches wide. No dings, great shape. Rp. 7 million. Call or SMS Ayu at 08123847801. Board at Jalan Batur Sari 22B, Sanur.

It’s for a good cause: your blog correspondent wants to buy a short board (well, a 7’8″, but it does have a pointy nose)



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2 Responses to Bali 2013 Tide Charts, a brief history of early tide chart-less days, and a used SUP for sale

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Even though I myself am guilty of endorsing (through using) the Internet surf reports (like most)… one still can’t help missing the era when surfers had to ‘learn to earn’. At the very least… it ment you’d generally encounter a similar breed in the water – rather than a herd of instant locals.

  2. Doddsy says:

    The Eternal Grommet was always one of the first to have Tide chart copies and was privileged enough to get one of him each year but sworn to secrecy. Ya right the Balo’s didn’t need em and always thought about that….hmmm. They were so switched on ….especially Sim & Menda. In the early days It was really puzzling to work it all out and the tide charts were a blessing !! Too bad we never had wind charts cause they would helped as well……

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