Reef bombing in the Mentawais….an alert from Captain Bligh

An Alert From Captain Bligh

Here’s a disturbing video from the Mentawais reef bombers in action.

This is an attempt at stopping the bombs, I really hope you can help me.

For over 1 month now, the Playgrounds area has had at least 3 boats every day bombing our reefs. When the weather is good, they can do over 5 cycles of bombing and collecting the dead fish in a day. Each cycle is between 5 – 8 bombs. Just doing a low average we calculate over 2250 bombs have been exploded in our 15 mile radius area. You can see what this looks like from footage shot this morning.

Please share the video link with whoever you think can help to get the word out. I need this posted on every site, everybody’s FB and linked as if there is no tomorrow.

The goal is to help Indonesians feel strongly about protecting their waters from bomb boats, and nudge them into action. So any of your Indonesian friends with connections, websites or blogs, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE forward it onto them with the instructions to do the same again. I want to see 1,000,000 viewed and 500,000 comments by tomorrow morning please.

If there is one positive difference YOU are going to make online today, please spend an hour of your life and get this to as many people who you think will make a difference. We’ve tried everything else, and the bomb boats are still here. I think in the age of social media, we can do better.

Time is against us. Another 28 bombs have gone off that I have heard whilst sitting here writing to you and waiting for the upload to finish.

Please reply if you want bahasa copy of this email to share with your friends.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration,

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6 Responses to Reef bombing in the Mentawais….an alert from Captain Bligh

  1. robert says:

    Very very sad, I have done a fair bit of diving around Indo over the years and seen what were once beautiful coral reefs become white, coral wastelands. The perpetrators are very simple minded people looking for an easy, simple way to gather food and or make a small amount of money. Obviously education and enforcement of the law is the key to stopping this mindless practice.
    I was wishing & hoping one of those bombs would go off while in the boat !!
    Recently in the Flores National Park region authorities shot & killed a reef bomber who tried to escape after being caught in the act. The quicker it becomes know by all that the reefs are more valuable kept alive and well then the quicker this mindless, evil practice will stop …

  2. Bukit Bear says:

    How did this methodology of fishing start in Indonesia? The ratio of bankable profit vs personal danger & environmental costs must be at least 1000:1

  3. robert says:

    Last week Fauziah and I had a meeting then lunch with the head of the fisheries dept in Labuan Bajo, Flores, he told me that 1m2 of destroyed reef would ultimately, detrimentally affect 7000 local people for the same period it took for that same 1m2 of reef to get well again … As a surfer / diver my guess is that this means 10 – 15 years.

  4. Start with greed, throw in corruption that steals from police budgets, throw in more greed of payoffs to look the other way, add lack of education on consequences…

  5. sil says:

    SURFAID has confirmed receipt of the video. The writer has been told the perpetrators have very since very quickly moved on. These people are mostly from ‘ out of town ‘ .. PIRATES basically and as such should be treated accordingly [ shot or blown up would be good ] While I understand some people need to protect themselves [ remain anonymous ] might I also point out that the video taken could have been taken in any number of places, not necessarily in Indonesia .. Methinks, sometimes we need to put our asses on the line and call a dog a dog. Robert Wilson, Bali..

  6. miki d says:

    Sulawesi dive resorts charge $5 a head, collect money t o pay for thier own patrols and put them in jail. Im sure this sellout surf resort owner has the money, or can charge surfers to pay for patrol. Money talks, common sense walks… In indo

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