(Goodness me, another Monday?) This Is How Surfers Used to Get to Lembogan

The only available transport to Lembongan in the early days. The jukung ferry service from Sanur. There wasn’t any other way to Lembongan from anywhere. (Well, you could go to Kusumba near Candidasa and get another jukung, but their main ferry service was to Penida Island).

In the early, early days, it was all sail power.

jukung to lembongan

That’s Mike McHugh in the hat, one of the first Aussies to come to Bali. His brother Chris was part owner and resident manager of the Lembongan Beach Bungalows, one of the first on the island there. (Bapak Tarzin, the village chief, had a homestay in the Jungutbatu Village — I’m pretty sure that was the first accomodation of any kind. Many early surfers just camped out on the beach).

Michael, of Irish descent and just a freckle short of being a ginger, was much a-feared of the sun, and would put so much sunscreen on that he looked like the Modern Medicated Man.

Today, you can get to Lembongan in air-conditioned comfort:

lembongan boat

As is typical of Bali, if one company is making money, then a whole bunch more will set up shop. There’s a dozen companies operating fast boats out of Sanur. When there’s good swell, there’s so much traffic coming in and out of the lagoon’s channel, that the boat wakes chop up a lot of the best sets. A serious nuisance to the surfers.

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3 Responses to (Goodness me, another Monday?) This Is How Surfers Used to Get to Lembogan

  1. robert says:

    ha ha, he’s gonna love the ‘ freckle short of being a ginger ‘ bit, classic :]
    I recall a guy could grab a couple of waves while he was still sitting on the boat getting himself sun safe ,,, ha !!

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