It’s called “satire”, folks

Your blog correspondent is off tomorrow to outer islands for a few weeks of surfing and fishing and, yes, stand-up paddling at a few places I know of where SUPing is just the thing to do (mushy rollers off certain anchorages, etc). As for the fishing, well, I have never claimed to be a “complete waterman.” Trolling whilst going from Point A to Point B is common sense, but going from Point A to Point B and back to Point A just to go trolling seems to me to be aberrant behavior. The thrill of the strike? Sure, but if its rocky and windy and noisy and diesel-stinky, give me the thrill of the can opener.

Anyway, I emailed this letter to The Jakarta Post, not sure if they would publish it. They did. I’ve already gotten a couple reactions from readers that utterly surprised me: they thought I was being serious! Such is the danger of satire.

jkt post co2 letter

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One Response to It’s called “satire”, folks

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to say though, that was was a tough one, at least until the very end…

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