Ah, one of the joys of surfing Bali…

surf love

(Photo of a photo by Bob Kendall, surf photographer enthusiast, proprietor of Kalimantan Restaurant, Jalan Pantai Sindu, Sanur, where the beers are cold and the books are tradeable)

Keeping with the historical theme of this blog, surfers and their girlfriends (or should I say partners, as these days a lot of girls rip), embracing on the beach, has been part of the Bali surf scene ever since Day 1. I’ve been a personal witness to many..and (in accidental passing) to an occasional romp in the beachfront hay (back when it was empty coconut groves and patches of tall weeds).

I’d bet my bottom dollar (or my dollarless bottom) that Bob and Louise Koke , Bali’s first board surfers, probably frolicked in the surf in similar style, back in the 1930s when they had their Kuta Hotel.

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