A real owner of the Komune Resort responds…Part the Third

Your blog correspondent has received a personal email from Tony Cannon, one of the Komune’s owners. I would like to present it here, but am pressed for time to wait for permission (I want to post this before I take off), so here is a public comment from Mr. Cannon which I put up top here and which distills the essence of the email.

“This comment is not by the real Luke Egan. We respect the Balinese people and do not endorse any of the above comments and have requested this post be removed. We have offered the owner of this blog to interview us directly on Komune.”


When the comment attributed to “Luke Egan” arrived in the comment trail on the old post I was surprised at its tone, but not overly so. I (and others who have lived in Bali over the decades) have unfortunately met many expatriate entrepreneurs and developers with the same arrogant, neo-colonial FY attitude. Hence the first reaction was to take it at face value.

Now I am an old-school writer of fiction, and not a journalist, who keeps his manual typewriter on standby in case the electricity goes out. As user-friendly as Word Press makes its blogging software, it’s all I can do to keep up with the basic bells and whistles (and in fact I pay a yearly fee for an internet security company to make sure my sites don’t get hacked, including this one). After doing some research yesterday (thanks to “Barrack Obama” and “Bill Gates” who alerted me to this), I realized how scarily easy it is to bypass security companies, create an authentic-looking email reply address, and hijack somebody’s identity and stir up some of that stinky brown stuff. So I immediately suspended the post. I apologize to the Komune Resort for not double-checking the comment ID before moving it forward into a front page post. I have also deleted the original comment (which I forgot to do yesterday).

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2 Responses to A real owner of the Komune Resort responds…Part the Third

  1. Thanks Richard – Luke and the other owners accept your kind apology and for taking this post down. Happy to discuss anything related to Komune Bali with you as advised.

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