“Bones of the Dark Moon” to be launched 13 Oct as part of Ubud Readers and Writers Festival

Interrupting my regular semi-anonymous posts to announce that “Bones of the Dark Moon: A Contemporary Novel Exploring Bali’s 1965 Massacres” will be launched at the 10th Ubud Readers and Writers Festival on 13 Oct, 4:30 pm at Ary’s Warung, Ubud (that’s on the main drag across from the palace).


You can always get an electronic edition for Kindle or for other e-readers at Smashwords

If you want a printed copy with autograph, I will soon have available direct Paypal purchase & shipping option. For readers in the Americans, printed copies will soon be available from Amazon.

And there’s a Balinese surfer in the story.

(And by the way, whether it is from this novel or from other sources, say Joshua Oppenheimer’s mesmerizing documentary film “The Act of Killing”, everybody who lives and surfs in Bali should be aware of terrible events of 1965)


About the novel:

During construction on an idyllic Bali seashore, workers uncover skeletons, victims of brutal mass murder. The discovery sets the village of Batu Gede astir. The life of Made “Nol” Ziro, a stalwart member of the community with a little gambling problem, is turned upside down. Could one of those skeletons be that of his schoolmaster father, who disappeared during the massacres of 1965?

As Nol sets out to find the truth, his path crosses that of American anthropologist Tina Briddle, who has secrets of her own, and who is determined to give a voice to the unknown bones. She suspects that the key to their mystery lies with Reed Davis, an enigmatic retiree dwelling among the Ubud expat community and rumored to have been a CIA spy.

Drawing them together is the mysterious Luhde Srikandi, who fifty years ago whispered her enchantments from the shadows of conspiracy and who begins to whisper again. What happened on that sleepy beach isn’t all dusty memory. Secrets are revealed, vengeance is unleashed, and a forbidden love flares to life.

Arguably the most traumatic cataclysm of Bali’s rich and fascinating history, the massacres of 1965 remain mostly unknown to the island’s visitors. Interweaving historical drama with contemporary Bali life, Bones of the New Moon is compulsively readable, a page-turner with unexpected twists leavened with dashes of humor, laying bare the love and hatred, the tragedy and irony, and the joy and despair of our common human predicament.

The author of the popular young adult novel “The Killing Sea” (Simon & Schuster) about the 2004 tsunami, Richard Lewis returns to fiction for adults in “Bones of the Dark Moon,” drawing on his own life experiences . Born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, as a nine-year-old boy he was an eyewitness to the events surrounding the massacres of 1965 and the effect they had on his neighbors and friends. After graduating from American university, Richard returned to Bali, where he now lives with his wife and family, dedicating his time to writing, surfing and finding the perfect chili sauce.

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2 Responses to “Bones of the Dark Moon” to be launched 13 Oct as part of Ubud Readers and Writers Festival

  1. Kim nelson says:


    Could you please email me when I am able to purchase a printed copy of the books. I will be coming over to Bali in February so I could collect them then is this is possible.
    Thank you

    Best regards


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