Bingin, 1988, about as big as Bingin gets, surfable-wise

You’re forgiven if you think the photograph below is Outside Corner.

Adrenalin junkie Mike McHugh, Bingin, 1988. I grabbed this photo off his den wall in Hollywood when I went a-visiting and scanned it. On this booming Outside Corner swell, he opted for a solo session at Bingin and was dodging the closeout wash-throughs to nab the rideable ones. Of this wave, he said “I had to hang on and not fall.” As Bingin buffs know, that soup in front of him is only about a couple feet deep, with the notorious Bingin coral ready to claw. With no clifftop warungs and no easy access, Bingin was still a closely held secret.

mike bingin

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2 Responses to Bingin, 1988, about as big as Bingin gets, surfable-wise

  1. robert says:

    Go ‘ Toast ‘ Mc Hugh !

  2. I have Michael to thank for introducing me to Bingin a few years before this photo. The drive from Pecatu took almost 1 hour stuck in first gear along that awful pot-holed dirt road, ending up at Dreamland. After I got smashed 3 times trying to bottom turn, he taught me to hang high on the take-off, immediately grabbing the rail and pulling in. I still got smashed, but at least I was in the tube for a second or two. Terima kasih Bli Michael

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