Gili Trawangan Surf Camp, 1980

Mike McHugh, Tim McHugh, your blog correspondent, and Nyoman Mawan of Lembongan took the little boat that could to find what we could find at the Gili Islands. We headed first for Trawangan, the isle furthest out in the straits, figuring it would get the most swell. Our arrival created quite a stir, because the local farmers on the island, staying in huts to grow cassava and peanuts (there was no village) hadn’t seen white folks before.


Tim, getting the fire started under mass supervision. That’s Mawan in the white shirt.


And that’s Mike kicking back on the inflatable mattress, letting his little brother do all the work.

The little boat that could is off the beach. The following year, Mike would take it partway down the Sumbawa Straits, but had to turn back because of rough weather. That boat truly was little.

Our dinner was Super Mie and roasted cassava root (which with salt and chili is delicious). We slept in our board bags in the rain that night. Then, the next day, the swell mysteriously came up, as swells did back in those days, and we took a look at Gili Air island. Stumbling across an unknown, world class wave (although this one damn fickle) was a fairly common occurrence in the early days of Indo exploring, but it never ever got boring.

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One Response to Gili Trawangan Surf Camp, 1980

  1. robert says:

    Ha ha, great stuff .. Cool to see the old photos in their ‘ vintage tinge ‘

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