Some more of Kim Bradley’s boards

In last week’s post, Kim “The Fly” Bradley was mentioned as Bali’s second resident surfboard shaper (the first in the modern foam era).

fly pericsopes

(The above grabbed off Bukit Bear

Here are some more of Kim’s boards.

Matt sent in these photos of a treasured possession, a Bali Design board, number 29 (picked up in 1983):

fly board 1

fly board 2

fly board 3

Bukit Beartook a photo of these Bradley boards in 2002 (check out the fins):

fly board 4


UPDATE: Robert Wilson sends in this photo of Lee Wilson’s first board, a Bradley Bali Design, re-shaped out of longer board:

fly board for lee

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3 Responses to Some more of Kim Bradley’s boards

  1. Doddsy says:

    He certainly had a quiver back then and a vision that we couldn’t really see at the time.
    The trips to Lombok with Whitey & Fly in the 80’s are treasured memories.
    RIP (Ripping in Paradise)……Nice!

    • Late 80s, me and a couple friends were headed to W Java, and I ran into Bradley at Kempu’s on Gang Poppies I. “Ombak Tujuh,” he said, “and bring a big board.”

      He was right.

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