The SUP tow and anchor method for regular surfing (or, two for the price of one, sort of)

With my broken boards and busted back, I’ve been mostly SUPing the last six months (the shoulder muscle rotation of SUP paddling is different than prone paddling, plus there’s no jumping up to the feet, which is, you know, why they call it stand up). However, my new

hansel board

longboard got me inspired to get prone again. But all that paddling out to the reefs? What is one to do?

Get an anchor for the SUP. I got this folding anchor at Gone Fishing, on the Bypass near Benoa.

SUP anchor1

SUP anchor 2

SUP anchor 4

(It doesn’t look like it in the photo, but the anchor with its two spread arms is well-placed for balance just in front of the legs as you paddle. That’s a plastic Coke bottle, by the way, slips right over the anchor.)

SUP anchor 3

The whole set-up, just imagine a lagoon and a surfer (this is certainly not a stealth approach to the lineup):

SUP anchor5
Had two sea trials, paddling the SUP while towing the longboard, and tossing the anchor inside the channel (I wouldn’t want to punch through waves with a 2.5 kilo chunk of galvanized steel in a surf back pack). Got prone in some head-high waves. Sure felt good to go flat again. Back felt ok too, some twinges but no need for a sky crane to help hoist me to my feet.

Then, when the surf turned dribbly with the high tide, I anchored the longboard and got on the SUP for some more frolicking.

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4 Responses to The SUP tow and anchor method for regular surfing (or, two for the price of one, sort of)

  1. Doddsy says:

    Every time a Standup Paddler or SUP as you guys call it goes past or nearby I burst out laughing, Actually uncontrollable laughter !! Damnedest thing I ever seen. When they ask whats so funny I simply tell em…YOU ! Maybe its just me …Sorry if I offended anyone.

  2. Bukit Bear says:

    if there’s a will… there’s a way. Keep surfing anyway you can..

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