Rip in Peace, Scott Williams —

Early Indo legend Scott Williams passed away recently in Southern California, and a few friends held a paddle out last week to scatter some of his ashes in his beloved Indonesia waters.

simp kempu

Simpy at Kempu’s Warung

simp ulu

Simpy at Ulu

simp gland speed

Simpy at G-land’s Speedies

simp glan 1983

Here’s what some friends had to say:

Jim Allison:

It’s with great sadness I got the news Scott “Simpy” Williams took his own life in Southern California. On the photo abvoe, that’s me on the far left, Tim Stripling, David Crespi, and Scott on the far right in G-land Java 1984.He was my Indo travelling partner from 1984- 1989 1987 we did 27 days straight at Gland in the jungle camp. We went thru the hells of addiction together. He knew the solution, I dont know what happend? I dont know the details. I’m in shock. Sad and angry!

Gary Elkerton:

RIP Bro, thank God you saw the 80s. You were deep as any one I have ever seen.

Tag Gasperian:
“I haven’t seen him in years though! I remember good times with him ripping G Land and Ulu in 87, my first trip with him. He was showing me all around Bali. I have a good memory of our first day off the plane. Ulu was maxing out huge 10 to 15 foot freight train walls and we paddled out together and he whipped it around on his first wave and air dropped to the bottom and went right thru his board. I saw the whole thing from the shoulder. He went in and bought the biggest gun he could from the shop on the cliff and paddled back out! I have a lot of great memories of Scott. We also worked together at a lot of surf ind. factories for many years. Rest in peace Simpy.”

paddle out1

(Scott’s partner Kathleen, Jim, Tim, and Roger at the ashes scattering ceremony at Nusa Dua).

paddle out3

paddle out2

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2 Responses to Rip in Peace, Scott Williams —

  1. kimsandiego says:

    Very sweet remembrance. Thank you. I’m sure being called an “early Indo legend” would put a smile on Scott’s face. This was a tough death for me to deal with, along with anyone else who knew him, I’m sure. He will be missed. I hope to get to Bali one day and see some of the beautiful places that gave Scott such fond memories.

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