Ekas Bay, 1990

Ekas Bay in East Lombok was one of our stops on the Hati Murnih itinerary. Our first trip there, in the 80s, the admiralty charts had us in a state of excited dither, because the potential of that reef bend into the bay looked so frickin’ fine. Remember, all we had then were charts — no Google Earth or satellite imagery of any kind. Flat swell, so we played around in the outside reefs, wave bumps of no consequence, then motored into the bay to anchor up inside. Our Balinese skipper, Pak Ngasti, an old turtle-fisherman, knew all these waters like his backyard. Our radar and depth sounder was in his head.

hati murnih huu

Next morning at dawn when we woke up, the good ship was surrounded by local fishermen in their outriggers, staring at us like we were either aliens, or zoo specimens, or fine dining. Back then, no roads into the area, and no white folks either. We were probably the first they’d seen. They weren’t particularly friendly. They could hardly speak Indonesian. Pak Ngasti told me to get my snapshot and take their photographs. That scared them off.

The swell came up the next day. We found that outside Ekas did not live up to its potential, big and offshore for sure, and with some lined-up walls, but pretty much all over the place (remember, we were spoiled by perfection). Below is a photo from a later year (1990). I’m not sure any photo exists of earlier years, so this probably is of some historical value.

Ekas 1

However, we did discover that the swell marched into the bay and broke on in inside reef, offering the most fun and playful right. The photo below was taken from our anchorage spot. I haven’t been there in a long, long time so I’m sure it gets its regular crew these days. But gosh, after the outside beatings, what fun we had.

Ekas 2

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9 Responses to Ekas Bay, 1990

  1. Just between us, the website of the hotel there says they’ve recently found a perfect 300 metre right around the southern headland?

  2. All I will say is those reefs and reef breaks and corners have been thoroughly explored by numerous surfers and surf boats … and one must keep in mind the winds.

  3. Yes, it was a blown-out mess when I looked from atop the hill. Couldn’t see any breaks in the straight reef even with a small swell.

  4. Doddsy says:

    Wow ya gotta be kidding me. We surfed it heaps in the 80’s & early 90’s. Fly took us annually and told us not to talk about it…..so we didn’t ! Now it’s exposed and it’s amazing it’s taken this long. Yes, It needed all the Elements to come together but when they did this place was Epic. The right on high tide peeled for an eternity ,the left was legendary and their was also a beach break about 1km inside that on a big swell turned it on. Whitey was with us and also John Haymes. Clearly remember Grunter paddling back out after his first wave screaming “If I never catch another wave this trip then it doesn’t matter.” That’s how good it was. We all remember the grand old days but this place was, and not sure if it still is, one of the best kept secrets of all time. At Fly’s cremation in 2010 we remembered him surfing there with the style he had and few possessed Out of the spotlight which is the way he liked it, and in respect we remembered to forget. Due to all intents and purposes as well as family commitments, none have us have been back there for over 20 years but the memories are forever. Epic Ekas!!! Shhhhhhhhh
    (If I can find some photos will post them here in the next few days)

    • Did you guys go with Les on the Bali Hyatt boat? The two breaks mentioned are well and truly known now, so I’m not giving away anything. The Fly buzzed around, didn’t he? I never did like that outside left…too much work…but gosh, that right was so much fun

      • Doddsy says:

        Dick, am sure those breaks are all well known. We always went by car. Padang Bai -Ferry-Overland. That way we had it all at our feet so to speak.Fun days when Fly was funny and laughed a lot. He was a great mate and tend to remember the early days with him and not the last.Surfed Shipwrecks this morning with half dozen out and they say it’s so crowded these days …Not. But then again surfed Padma last week with 40 out! Ya get that………..

      • That first trip to Ekas, we had to get to Mataram to find a fuel injector for the broken engine, and God was that an ordeal to get to a road with some motorized transport. That’s what I remember. Maybe it was where we took the dinghy to shore.

        Did you fellows detour into Grupuk? We had fun times there as well.

    • Stoked you guys all scored and kept it under wraps. I have lots of respect for Fly and his many mates who explored overland when everything required so much more effort and patience than these days. And Dick who lead the way on the mighty Hati Murnih. Salut!

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