Interlude: The Way It Was –how we got around to Bali’s surf breaks

Bill Dougherty, an off-the-beaten-track adventurer from way back, sent me this classic photo of how once upon a time we transported our boards through Kuta coconut groves and Bukit trails. This is Mike, mid-70s I’d say. Old timer Bali & Indo surfers will nod with a smile. No scooters with racks back then — the first Honda step-through scooter showed up in the mid-80s, if memory serves me right. The locals called the scooters bebeks because they looked like ducks. Now scooters are generically referred to as “motor.”

Next week back to the Ashmore trip and a wave we called “Spooks” not because we were into naming breaks but because that’s what it was.

board on bike


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2 Responses to Interlude: The Way It Was –how we got around to Bali’s surf breaks

  1. Reblogged this on boardsbikesbali and commented:
    This post and photo are awesome on many levels; the bike, the surfer, board, method of carry, sunglasses, hair. Big thanks to for blogging this early hither-to-unknown-to-me inspiration for what has become the impetus for boardsbikesbali. No where else in the world is there a union of such magnitude and necessity of these two passions as there is here in Bali!

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