Merdeka! Happy Independence Day, Indonesia

By the time you are reading this, that was yesterday, the 17th of August.

pix 4

This is young Sukarno reading the Declaration of Independence from the Dutch on 17th of August, 1945. In the background on right (his left) is Mohammad Hatta, who was one of the signers and Sukarno’s vice-president. Foreigners mostly know him as the second half of the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta.

Your blog correspondent has been around for well over fifty Hari Raya Merdeka – from the days of Sukarno, to today, when we still don’t know for sure who is officially president. There are a lot of problems in this country, but Indonesia somehow always muddles through.

Not to mention, the best and most surf rich country in the world, and foreign surfers have been welcomed to all of it.

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