Sanur 1995 (ish)

last week I posted a screen grab of Sanur circa 1973 . A reader suggested the video was footage from the early Bali film Tubular Swells.

I plowed through my pile of moldy photos and found a couple of Sanur in the 1990s, before the sand fill and breakwater pier constructions. These show how the lagoon was back then, just a few jukungs for tourist sails and glass-bottom boats. The fast boat madness to Lembongan was still to come. Mak Beng’s fish shack was still a sleepy, fly-infested eating joint for the locals (these days, Jakarta and Javanese tourists queue up for a place to sit–eating at Mak’s is one of their must things to do)

Let’s start with this sketch of Sanur in 1906, when the Dutch landed their invasion fleet off Sanur, the start of their conquest of Bali’s kingdoms:

old sanur 3

Then here’s another one from Sanur in the late 60s or so:

old sanur 2

Then Sanur in the 90s:

sanur 95 2

And Sanur in the 90s with a swell going off:

sanur 95

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6 Responses to Sanur 1995 (ish)

  1. Sanur was one of my favourite waves. I used to surf it when it was on in the 90s. There were no Balinese surfers dominating it back then. Sometimes it was crowded, sometimes not. The trick was to get it early morning in the trade wind season when everyone went to the bukit. Sometimes it would be glassy and tubing right through the morning. Haven’t surfed it in years. Is it really that messed up with the Lembongon boats?

    • Yeah, it’s pretty messed up. There are dozens of boats going and coming in the prime morning hours, each one throwing a wake through the lineup. I’ve ridden a couple set waves with wakes that would have been beauties but were like skiing mogul courses. I entertained the locals.

  2. robert says:

    Great pics, fond memories, mid 70’s on, many years of Surfing Sanur, taking turns with just a few friends then makan siang at Mak Bengs .. :]

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