And a Happy New Year…Selamat Tahun Baru


Have a great New Year’s, traffic and weather and misaimed fireworks and all. May 2015 be a swell year for all.

And to the girl who a few weeks ago caught her first wave at Serangan and came in all excited and buzzing (I was the guy at the warung casting his grumpy gaze at the cast of hundreds in the lineup but she had a great time), may the stoke continue.

(Yesterday, going to church just a short way up the bypass towards Ubud from our home, we got stuck in stop-and-go, and for lengths of time just plain stopped, traffic. As we only had to navigate some 300 meters of bypass to the hotel where the church meets, it was tolerable, but at the hotel I overheard the front desk manager sadly shake his head and tell a guest that he shouldn’t bother going to Ubud that morning, as the traffic was “macet banget” all the way.)

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