Cyclone swells and wind swells

A reader sent a note last week wondering if the days of strong 20 knot plus west winds across the Indian Ocean and Java Sea was going to produce swell on Bali’s east side. He’d read an earlier post on the mysterious wet season swells of yester-yore that lit up Sanur side while Kuta side remained small. Those are produced by category cyclones, the ones the meteorologists give cute names to (Cyclone Norelle, Shandy, etc). The swells they generate can get very big. The biggest surf I’ve ever seen in Bali was spun by a massive cyclone (recounted here.)

But today’s outing to Serangan, sharing good will and joy with an international cast of surfers and surfettes, provided evidence that yes, those strong west winds do push a wind swell around the corner. Three foot junk, to be honest, but some corners.

A lot more wind to come this week, looks like. Kite surfers, rejoice. Here’s an interesting and somewhat mystifying forecast (top bars is wind in knots, bottom bars are wave heights with periods), large short period wind swell mixed in with ground swell:


And some poor unlucky yachty had a lousy start to the New Year (photo sunrise this morning):

sunk yacht

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3 Responses to Cyclone swells and wind swells

  1. Anonymous says:

    Northwest wind has been strong up in Jakarta bringing fresh clean air, thank God. But could there be some mysto spots on the Seribu Islands? They were reporting some pretty big seas out at the Air Asia crash site.

    • What a nice change to get clean lungful of air! Seribu islands, seribu surf spots. Flying into Singapore, I’ve seen white water lines on China Sea side…and there is surf on Malaysia’s East Coast too.

    • Geoff says:

      Anyone kiting somewhere around Jakarta area? Have arrived for work for a few years and need to kite!

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