Ketut Denda redux, Canggu, 1982: What we had once upon a time, what we’ve lost

After last week’s post on Denda, Peter Neely of Indosurf fame and early Bali pioneer sent me this photo of Denda at Canggu, early 80s, solo session (that means alone, by himself, nary another surfer or surf school in the water, with only cows and Peter with his camera in attendance — although Peter says Denda wasn’t alone for too much longer, for shortly after this photo was taken the crowd doubled in size).

denda canggu

PS Peter has a terrific 1.2 meter map/poster of the Indonesia archipelago, done by artist Guy Hastings, for very reasonable price.
Check it out

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4 Responses to Ketut Denda redux, Canggu, 1982: What we had once upon a time, what we’ve lost

  1. Tuan Bule says:

    I’m so glad I was surfing Indo through the 80s. Canggu was one of my favourite spots even when the guys that only surfed the bukit would look down on you for surfing it too much.

    • I periodically have a peek with Balibelly’s Canggu surf cam. We can’t live in the past, but gee, probably 99 percent of all surfers in Bali waves this week have never had a solo session in their lives and don’t know what it means…I’m not referring to a half-hour sunrise paddle out, but two or three or more hours not having to wonder who is going to rock up

  2. Scott says:

    The memory is a bit hazy, but I remember in about mid January 1988 there was a tin roofed warung with the words “Chew and Spew” hand written onto the roof on the beach in some part of Canggu. Used to surf a left in front of it and every day at dead high tide a shark would cruise in past the reef. Just me and a mate every day for a week or so before the pull of Geger became too strong and back we went.

  3. That sounds about right…at the present there are persistent reports of a tiger shark hanging out at Greenballs

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