Bali Surf Report for 21 March (Nyepi) with surf photographs!

In case there are a few readers who don’t know, each year Bali goes on shut down for a full day, sunrise to sunrise, no lights no play no work no surf. One is supposed to remain indoors, or in the case of tourists, on hotel grounds. No surfing either, but I bet you somewhere on the island some foreign fellow paddled out and then tried to plead innocence.

But the webcams remained on their diligent duty (next year the Balinese pecalang might twig and shut these down too). Here are some screen grabs of a very rare sight – not a single surfer or learner or school pod in the water.

It’s been a while since there’s been epic surf on Nyepi — if we had Sunday’s swell on Saturday, oh the insufferable frustration.

canggu nyepi

impossibles nyepi

kuta beach sepi2

keramas nyepi

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