Floating plastic and a karmic thing you can do

The other day at Serangan your blog correspondent paddled out to join the throng frolicking in the head high waves. An eddy of plastic trash swirled in the channel. I plucked a couple noodle bags and a diaper package (just the package, mind, not the diaper) and stuffed them into my board short pocket to dispose of properly later once back ashore. One of the Kuta-side locals was giving me a peculiar look, so I told him, “Just symbolic, a syukuran to the Ratu Laut” (thanks to the Lord of the Seas) and he burst into a huge smile.

At any rate, this is something I’ve done for a while, an eccentricity that actually on occasion seems to provide a karmic blessing in the form of a good set wave after bobbing around and getting nothing. Or, alternatively, for each wave I ride, I will pocket a plastic by way of thanks. Not obsessively to the point of superstition, but regular enough it’s become a habit. There’s certainly no lack of plastic floating around the reef waters, more and more of it by the week, it seems.

The other day I gathered this out in the outer reef line up for each wave (a short session in two foot dribblers):

nusa plastic 2

And then I grabbed one of the larger plastic bags and on my paddle in plucked even more plastic:

nusa plastic

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6 Responses to Floating plastic and a karmic thing you can do

  1. mattjenna says:

    Same here on the East Coast of OZ – either crap in the water or on the beach, always picking it either in the water or on the walk back (deliberately) along the high water mark – amazing amount of plastic (less amazing and more disheartening really), drowning in a sea of plastic (pun intended). Humankind’s inexorable march of madness to self destruction. Ratu Laut akan kurang senang.

  2. Robben says:

    Unfortunately, surprisingly here on the South Coast of West Oz

    • I bet some of the plastic floating off West Oz has things like “Super Mie lezat” and “Deterjen harum dan kuat” written on it. Things drift southwards from the equator.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Every day when I leave the surf I make sure to find at least 3 pieces of plastic (south coast NSW OZ) In Bali 9 years ago while the surf was flat I would swim along Kuta beach. By the time I had swum 100 metres I would have caught enough plastic to fill my pockets so I would head for the shore, collecting all the plastic under my feet on the way. On the shore I would put it in the bin, get thanked by the local lifeguards , swim another 100 metres and repeat the process! What have we done to our fair planet!!!

    • I’m in Cottesloe West Oz at the moment (visiting relatives) and the beach here is lovely and clean, some trash but nothing like Bali. Kuta in the onshore season is ugly. But you have the spirit!

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