So how did Lakey Peak really get it’s name?

Surfline has a spot check article on Lakey Peak, narrated by native son and hot ripper Oney Anwar. The text prologue has an interesting account on how the peak got it’s name, a fine example of creative writing. Surfline is seriously dedicated to getting it’s surf forecasts as accurate as possible, other facts, well, hey, let’s have some fun.

The writer says the peak got it’s name thirty years ago from non-surfing backpackers stoned on magic mushrooms they’d found in the fields off the beach. In their dreamy mycologic state (mycology being the study of mushrooms), they were mesmerised by the peak out front that resembled the mushrooms they’d eaten. So they named the place Lucky Peak, which morphed into Lakey Peak.

hati murnih huu

Me, when we were there thirty years ago on the Hati Murnih (above), we saw nary a backpacker. What we knew was that the village (or at least the village name you gave the truck driver who drove you back from a supply run at the dump of Dompu) was called Lakey, which is pronounced Lah-kay. But hey, I could be wrong, maybe there were stoned backpackers there.

My buddy Rob at Periscopes on that trip:

rob periscopes 1

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2 Responses to So how did Lakey Peak really get it’s name?

  1. mattjenna says:

    The locals still pronounce the name Lah-Key – makes sense – much more than Oneys telling of the tale. More pics from that trip please 😉

  2. Alas, I don’t have many more pics…there were three of us on the trips there in the early days, and we were too busy surfing to take photos.

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