Surf Report: Nembrala, Rote May 17 2015

A few days ago, your blog correspondent came in from a piddly morning surf at Serangan (just me solo to a peak because the start of the trades had blown the legions and surf schools back to the west side). While changing by the car, I noticed an alarming lump in my nether regions. A mad dash to the SOS clinic confirmed it was a hernia, nothing serious, but I’m never been one to wait.

So I am recovering from the operation.

So in lieu of a real post, here’s a text message from my buddy Jim on his boat at Nembrala, Rote, where he’s long been a regular:

Nembrala 4 foot and 50 guys out. Everybody whinging most crowded ever.

Such is the modern Indonesian surfing experience.

A couple photos from long before the crowds:

Rob and Dave, on the Hati Murnih after a day of three solo surf sessions:

rob dave nembrala

Nobody out:

the time before

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4 Responses to Surf Report: Nembrala, Rote May 17 2015

  1. mattjenna says:

    Hope you’re recovering well – gotta’ look after the old blokes. I remember surfing there on a boat with Mark Coleman in the early 90s and it was not at all crowded – beautiful and desolate amazing fishing, a little windy. I’m coming over to Bali end of week with one of my daughters to join the madding crowds in the surf – if you need anything brought over from OZ -let me know.

    • It was paradise, now it’s like Bali, paradise lost. Actually, it’s less crowded in Bali (if you pick your spot and time) because surfers chase swells to outer islands. Thanks for the offer but I was just on family visit to Perth and stocked up goodies.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hear theres Russian surf camps there now?

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