Urinal wars: Bali International Airport vs. Singapore Changi Airport

Your Herniated Hero (still a week away from first post-operation paddle) was recently to Manila for youngest son’s graduation. If you’ve been through Bali’s international airport and used the men’s toilets, I am sure you have seen the urinals’ most recent decoration. Before, it was fish aquariums. As you took your stance, you could contemplate fish swimming in a small aquarium set at eye-level–I surmise as an aide to relax your bladder.

Now the aquariums are gone, and in their place is a urine hydration chart placed right above the urinal. You can compare the color of your stream to the chart. I wonder which airport authority had this somewhat baffling idea. The gentleman two stalls down from me said to his friend beside him, “Hunh, mine’s yellow. I better go drink more Bintangs.”

urinal bali

Then, in transit in Singapore, I swing into a men’s toilet and resting on the urinal ceramic is a fly, which startled me, for Singapore is famous for its sparkling clean bathrooms. I automatically move to the next urinal, and there too is a fly.

urinal singapore

I realized it was painted on, a brilliant psychological aide, because the natural instinct is to aim and hose that insect down. Helps avoid splatter, you see.

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8 Responses to Urinal wars: Bali International Airport vs. Singapore Changi Airport

  1. Robert says:

    It’s amazing that someone from the Ngurah Rai Airport authority actually had the foresight to install such a chart. Whoever it was should point out to their colleagues what a general disgrace the toilet blocks are, from lack of privacy [ anyone standing outside can see in ] to the general poor quality fit out, the fittings, the absolute crappy mirrors with the 2cm band of grey building silicone around the edges. Not to mention the 220V light wires tangling down with paper tape insulating the joins. Yes it wasn’t just one mirror and no it wasn’t still under construction as is the general excuse given.

    I’m not Indonesian however as someone who’s been here for most of his life find the new Ngurah Rai International airport down right embarrassing ..

    The fly on the urinal has been a target for decades :]

  2. Robert says:

    To be fair however whoever was in charge of turning the [ well designed & constructed ] old International terminal into the current domestic terminal, did a great job. They even have full time cleaning staff keeping the place spic n span, Congratulations.

    • IndoMe says:

      Very true.

      Travelling through the old domestic terminal used to be like travelling cargo – including the poultry and livestock…!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was in Singapore last month and was mystified about those flys. Now the mystery has been solved. Thanks.

  4. The flies or ‘target’ on a urinal is not a new concept but a very good one, it seems guys are just naturally inclined to aim for something to liven up the experience. The urine colour chart is a great addition to the public urinals, and as it turns a way to sell more Bintangs too! haha

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