The Rip Curl Bali Bootie is back!

Since I don’t surf much on the west side — normally I am on outer islands during the trade wind time of year — for this past week I’ve woken with gratitude to the Eternal that the dawn winds have been howling onshore at Sanur-side as I still am out of the water for a couple more weeks.

I’ve raved before about the original Bali bootie, one of the best surf products ever. No, I wasn’t trying to earn discount points with the Rip Curl boys, because that product has long been off the market.

But lo! And behold! I have just been informed that Rip Curl has a new product that is very similar. I only have a photo to go on for the moment, but it does look terrific. How many surf booties can you fold up and stick in the pockets of your board shorts?

rip curl new booties

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2 Responses to The Rip Curl Bali Bootie is back!

  1. mattjenna says:

    Ha! That’s exactly the bootie I bought and took with me for my daughter and stuffed into my board short’s pocket when we just sojourned to the ‘Island of the Gods’. Never used them-but brought them all the same in case she needed them for a low tide walk in. Great idea!

  2. Alex says:

    AAAAAAAH dammit! This is something I have thought about for a long time – 90% of surfers want booties to walk in/out over the reef (and to put your feet down during a thrashing – that helps) but don’t want to actually surf in them…..I was planning to invent something similar – I guess Rip Curl was first to the party!

    If they fit into your pocket snuggly – great! I’ve always thought it would be a great idea to have some type of clip on the waistband of your board shorts – and then you could clip your booties there somehow.

    My tip for anyone with normal booties – use less wax on your board, and it will feel ‘more normal’ to surf in booties

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