13 June 2015: The Bingin Memorial Paddle Out for the Unknown Surfer (plus, boards for sale)

Being temporarily ejected from the surf for post-operation recovery reasons, your blog correspondent hasn’t been following the forecasts and webcams. Except yesterday, in boredom, I browsed over to Bali Belly and belatedly noticed they have a new webcam on Bingin. I had a look and was at first saddened to see a memorial paddle-out for somebody, a circle of friends fondly saying farewell.

bingin pack paddleout

Then a wave rose and approached and I realized I’d been looking at a lull in the sets. What I assumed was the paddle out circle was in fact the pack, all bunched together in Bingin’s notoriously tight takeoff spot. The pack started to jostle for position, and any lingering sense I might have had about camaraderie evaporated at the hustle and the drop-in.

On another note, I have two McTavish surfboards for sale, a 7’6″ Carver model and a 7’2″ The Egg model. These will be in the next Bali Advertiser but this is a first look for anyone interested. I bought these some years ago during a trip to Perth, thinking to have variety in my boat quiver, but my back blew up and I never really got a chance to ride them (a visiting friend recently borrowed the Carver hence the fresh wax). Carver 6 juta rupiah, The Egg 5.5 juta rupiah (it has an emergency boat ding repair on tail that can easily be fixed up). These are essentially new boards at half price. I don’t want to put my phone number on a public site so if you are interested you can send me an email at richard@richardlewisauthor.com

boards for sale

Since I am in a state of fund-raising, may I again mention a short story that might interest readers of this blog:

menarche cover small

After the death of his Balinese wife, financial difficulties force American expatriate Jordan Elliot to return with their nine-year old daughter Dewi to Connecticut and his wealthy, domineering, social register mother.

Available for Kindle or Kindle apps on other e-readers.

Available at Smashwords for a variety of other reader options.

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4 Responses to 13 June 2015: The Bingin Memorial Paddle Out for the Unknown Surfer (plus, boards for sale)

  1. The McTavish boards are great to have in your Quiver. I’ve had an 8 footer for over 15 years now. But my back’s stuffed too now (thanks to the coral at Sanur, Ulu and NusaD). Otherwise I’d snap up both of these.

  2. Suomalainen says:

    If after a spare Red X4 fin 🙂
    Lost one on the out going lower tide coming into the cave at Uluwatu last Friday,
    thinking how good is this …getting the hole shot, all the way in without the barefoot stroll across the reef.
    Hindsight …reef pocket booties …next time…Cheaper than a new fin

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