Bali après surf barbecue circa 1995ish: the usual suspects, unusual suspects, and most unlikely suspects

A friend sent me this photo of a long ago barbecue in the Sanur area.

usual suspects

That’s Mickey far left and Erin third left. Mickey was, well, Mickey, an unforgettable character and I am sure some readers of this blog will remember him. Erin was one of the era’s Pipeline specialists. The guy gnawing on the corn was the Man About Town. The fellow who looks like a bemused altar boy holding his first beer was Brett, an Ulu master and one of the owners of the Hard Core surf label of the time. I’ll leave the rest unidentified, but boy, this photo stirs up stories that I had best not tell, except as fiction.

Although I can tell a small one. One night at anchor on the Good Ship Hati Murnih in a far outer island channel, Mickey and Brett gambled playing backgammon until the wee hours of the morning. The only detail I can remember about that night is that one of the boat’s folding aluminum chairs ended overboard and sinking to the bottom. No bodies followed.

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