The Brazilian surfer who came a-visiting — Interlude & corrections to part 2

(Part 1 here : in which Mike and Dave leave the boat on a flat day to go bushwacking through the jungle at Treasure Island, and two hours later we see Mike running down the beach, waving his t-shirt)

(Part 2 here: in which the we rescue Dave, using a mini-mal surfboard as a makeshift stretcher, to surf him down the hill to the beach)

Mike, he who marched into the jungle with Dave, has been in touch to correct me on some details and add others regarding the our friend Dave who fell out of the sky.

In my earlier post, I’d said that we hiked 500 meters inland, straight up a 30 to 45 degree slope to get to Dave, but it was over a kilometer. Mike knows because he had to hike it twice, once down and remembering landmarks to get back to Dave, and then up again.

As an eyewitness to Dave’s Tarzan climb up the tree, Mike stood on the base of thte tree with head tilted all the way back to look straight up, keeping sight of Dave a hundred feet high upon this forest giant. To get a better photo angle of the Bohemian far in the distance, Dave jumped from one branch to another branch close by, getting a full two-handed grip on the latter. But the second branch was slippery with moss and Dave did a complete trapeze loop before he came off. Lower branches slowed his fall and spun him around horizontally. When he hit the sloped ground, he bounced five feet into the air and away. Mike didn’t know whether he was dead or alive at first, and then he had no idea of the extent of his injuries. A large burrow of some jungle creature loomed immediately beside Dave, but Mike had to leave him there while he returned to the boat to organize a rescue crew. For two hours or so Dave lay there, woozy with shock and pain, spiced with worry that some creature was going to slither out and swallow him whole.

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