No post, Internet down

It’s been down for a week now at my house. Public works department is putting in new drainage system that our neighborhood doesn’t need and sidewalks that only make a narrow road narrower. Their excavator proceeded to slice through various cables and various places.

Did get a surf in today, though.

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2 Responses to No post, Internet down

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Richard I’ve noticed this odd footpath restoration obsession many times over the years. I think the Kuta footpaths have been dug up and replaced bi annually since 1989! To bad about your internet but when it’s reconnected I thought you may enjoy seeing some photos I took around Poppies 1 last week (you’re welcome to share them if you wish).

    My wife and I had the most relaxing week in Poppies Cottages, they’re really heaven. I always enjoy your stories and particularly the older photos of Bali and nearby.
    Best wishes Colin

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