Ye olde surf exploration boat the Hati Murnih, plus new novel!

During the dog days of No Internet (ten days! how one earth did we manage in the old days when we didn’t have phones?), I cleaned my office some and came across this old photo of the Hati Murnih at Nembrala, Rote, taken by Shannon Burns on the Mahalo. I think this was circa 15 years or so ago, when Rote was still pretty much an underground spot but not for much longer. We had a lot of adventures on that boat, traveling around Eastern Indonesia. That’s the pirate skipper Pak One on the deck.

ye olde hati murnih crop

Also, a new novel! Well, I wrote a couple years ago under the pen name Eliot Dickey (it’s not my usual Bali/Asia fiction).


The Last Christian available on Kindle for $2.99


For other electronic readers

Jack Saxby, the last of the blues singers, ekes out a living as an Elvis minister at a Vegas wedding chapel. It’s getting to the point where his newest best friend is a three-legged coyote sneaking garbage out of the back of his dumpy trailer. A recovering alcoholic, Jack has trouble staying on the wagon. His ex-wife suggested AA, but those superstitious crutch-leaners? No thanks. The 28th Amendment has declared the country to be one nation under enlightened reason, and Jack’s as enlightened as any other patriotic American. Who needs a Higher Power in this age of the Pax Scientifica?

Not to mention the Sound Thinkers, the ultra rationalists, raid all the AA groups they can find.

After Jack is fired, an old lady visits him. Lillian Teatime tells him a wacky story how in each generation there are ten Righteous Ones who keep the world from destruction.

Nine of this generation’s Righteous Ones have been killed. Leaving only one. Who is none other than Jack.

The Flashy Tin Man, Lillian warns, is out to get him.

Jack scoffs. For one thing, he’s hardly righteous, and for another, she’s clearly nuts.

Then Jack has a narrow escape from Bobby Boy Bright, a man with no bottom to his eyes. Maybe Lillian Teatime wasn’t entirely crazy, after all. Adding to Jack’s woes, the Sound Thinkers want to get their hands on him for their science experiments.

From Vegas to New York to LA, Jack keeps one frantic step ahead of trouble, desperately trying to convince everybody he’s not the last remaining Righteous One. Some other poor sucker is. He succeeds, but in a way he never bargained for.

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2 Responses to Ye olde surf exploration boat the Hati Murnih, plus new novel!

  1. mrlinggis says:

    Damn, that’s why you have to keep your mouth shut even to your best mates.

    • Well, that is theoretically true, but based on personal experience, I can’t think of a single surfer who kept his mouth shut about a discovery. There’s always a friend you tell either tell or you bring with you to the spot and make him swear he will keep his mouth shut. (I’m using the masculine pronoun because it all my early years of bouncing around the archipelago, it was always male surfers I met. If there were females, they were just traveling with and being the photographer.

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