The perils of stand-up paddling

I don’t think it would have happened if I’d gone prone. But I opted for the SUP to avoid the crowds on a dropping swell and whilst paddling for an ankle-snapper on a fairly distant reef, ping, something snapped in my shoulder. Well and truly done, with a fairly painful, one might say agonising, prone paddle back to the beach, my left arm tucked uselessly to my side. I couldn’t even drive the car properly–couldn’t move the gear shift, and had to lift my right hand off the wheel across my chest to shift the gears. Meaning the car was steering on its own for a few seconds at a time. And this on Bali’s mad traffic, too.

So here I am down in Cottesloe in Perth with family, getting this thing checked out. The surf’s been up, for Cottesloe. Head-high on the reefs, with lots of middle-aged SUPers. I hope their rotator cuffs stand up to the stress.

Out of the water for a couple months. Maybe I’ll sit and meditate and move no body parts.


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