Bali surfing culture: upcoming events you should not miss

Willian Finnegan, author of the New York Times bestselling memoir BARBARIAN DAYS: A SURFING LIFE, will be gracing us in Bali with his presence for several high brow (and possibly low jinks, depending on audience and Bintangs consumed) events. Finnegan is rather like Superman, who on flat surf days is a well-known and highly respected international journalist and a staff writer at the New Yorker, one of America’s most prestigious literary magazines, but will on the rumor of a swell pop into the nearest phone booth and emerge in wet suit and surfboard. Or board shorts, depending. Surfing and ripping since he was a haole kid in a Hawaiian public school, the man charges. He was one of the first to surf Tavarua, and surfed Bali and Nias in 1978

Australian journalist Phil Jarratt (author of the bestselling BALI: HEAVEN AND HELL) will be appearing with William Finnegan at the upcoming Ubud Readers and Writer’s Festival on Oct 30 at 2:30 pm.

Bill  UWRF

Also, on 5th November at 6:30 pm at Deus Ex Machina (Nias pioneer Kevin Lovett and your own blog correspondent — ie me — will also be there to chime in on a panel discussion focusing on the positive & negative impacts that surf exploration has had in remote communities in developing economies)

bill 2

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