Congratulations to Bruno Hansen, Bali’s first world surf champion!

The longer you live in Bali, the more cretaceous you become, secreting calcium carbonates that slowly and insidiously keep you fixed to an ever smaller space, until you hardly ever go out anymore to anywhere. One day you wake up with no enthusiasm to deal with the island’s hassles and you think, “Jeez, I’ve become a Bali Barnacle!”

But yesterday, the Man of Perpetual Motion himself, wedged me out of my space, insisting I attend a special event over in Kerobokan. From way over here, to way over there in La-La Land, on a Saturday evening? But Curt insisted, kept applying the dongkrak (if you don’t know the Indonesian word, it’s a common tool that works pretty much like it sounds).

The occasion? A surprise celebration at Limasan Surf Lodge for Bali’s first world champion surfer. Although Bruno Hansen represented Denmark in the first ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship in San Diego, California (he’s paralyzed from waist down, so won the prone division), he’s been Bali-based for long enough I think we can claim him as our own. Straight from Bali pretty much on his own and pretty much a complete unknown, he competed as the underdog of underdogs and won! The guy has an amazing story to tell, but I think the picture below (and his interview in the Youtube embedded video) tells most of the story without me having to. This photo was taken of him at Lance’s Left, and served as the celebration banner.

Bruno banner

bruno pic

And you can see Bruno surfing at the 2:05 mark and a brief interview at the 3:35 mark

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