Bali dawn patrol surfers: Beware of thieves

Your blog correspondent is sitting out today’s swell, lumpy but solid overhead sets at Serangan upon his daily swimming check. I don’t want to risk the tumble and whirl and wrenching my still-tender shoulders.

So in lieu of anything historical (although there have been thieves ever since surfers in Bali started parking rental cars and bikes in remote places), a word of warning. There’s been a number of dawn patrol surfers at Serangan coming in for some apres-surf coffee and snack after the warungs have opened and find their wallets and their cell phones gone from under the scooter seat. This has occurred elsewhere around the island in recent months as well. Easy opportunity, easy targets. Those thieves can jack open a scooter seat or a car door in seconds and be off slick as a lick with your stuff.

If you don’t have a beach companion who waits upon the shore to guard your things, it’s best to have only your driver’s license and some cash to tuck in your board short pocket. The inconvenience of having to go back to your place after the dawn patrol to get your phone and wallet and gear is considerably less than the inconvenience of having to report and replace your credit cards etc.

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3 Responses to Bali dawn patrol surfers: Beware of thieves

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did they steal your laptop?? Where’s this Mondays post?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did your typewriter get stolen too?

  3. Chance em says:

    These thieves should be easy to track – there’s only one entrance to Serangan and its guarded by security. Well there used to be a few years back.

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