The Toast Surf Trip Kupang to Flores — I think part 7?

So far, I’ve left a lot of threads hanging regarding our surf odyssey from Kupang to Flores. What about the lurking beer crisis? And the snake lady, what of her? Was one of us lured to her lair by her siren song to be sucked dry, turned a withered husk who will one day stumble out of the jungle to startle a beachcombing surfer from a surfer charter boat passing by chance, whispering hoarsely “the horror, the horror”?

And the surf on Savu: well, is there any? I hear mutters leaking through my WiFi: For God’s sake, can’t you just tell us?


savu left

So there were three of us on the Garuda flight from Denpasar to Kupang, Mike, Clayton, and your blog correspondent. Mike fretted about getting the boxes of food, including Steve’s soy burgers, onto the next day’s connecting flight, the tiny single-engine Susi Air plane to Savu. Mike fretted about getting his Outer Island surfboard on the plane. Clayton hadn’t trucked his boards, trusting the Bajo Baji to be in Kupang, and Mike fretted about getting Clayton’s boards on board the puddle-jumper, too, although Clayton himself didn’t seem too bothered about the serious possibility he might be without surfboards on a surf trip as he doodled more carefree sketches on his art pad.

And I believe in the back of his mind, as he fretted about the logistics of getting lots of big things on a small plane, Mike began to subconsciously fret about the beer supply on the Bajo Baji.

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1 Response to The Toast Surf Trip Kupang to Flores — I think part 7?

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are good,I have to laugh…….great writing

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