I’m back

After many moons and two shoulder surgeries, I’m back with occasional posts.

Shall we talk about Bali’s surf schools?


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5 Responses to I’m back

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whew-thought you may have been sucked into a Lombok Straight eddy vortex. Welcome back!!!

  2. Peter says:

    Talk about surf schools … why not , a global phenomena. Sometimes I wonder if “Morning of the Earth “ never happend, If Boyum never existed would Bali be a different place.
    All the best , stay forever young 🙏🏻

  3. Glen Keaughran says:

    When the Northern Euro girls started in the surf school thing I was hummer hummer lovely girls to talk to an old bloke, god help us when the Chinese get serious

  4. aquafeel says:

    Talk about anything! Love hearing you again!

  5. mr linggis says:

    Don’t forget the Japs getting pushed into waves(even heavier waves). Welcome back please post regularly!

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