Other Stuff

I write novels:


THE KILLING SEA (book) (Kindle)

A thrilling novel about the tsunami that stunned the world.


Eldie Veldhuizen’s mother, the last of a line of Balinese witches, has been abducted from her Manhattan townhouse. Eldie’s explorer father has vanished while looking for her. Now somebody wants to kidnap Eldie’s only friend, Sam, who happens to be invisible. With Sam’s help, and that of an angel disguised as her tutor, Eldie must learn to develop her blossoming powers in order to rescue her parents and prevent a rift in the cosmic balance of good and evil. But as she discovers, her powers are dark and troubled.

Read an excerpt: Excerpt from THE LAST WITCH OF MANHATTAN

THE FLAME TREE (book) (Kindle)

Isaac Williams, the 12-year-old son of medical missionaries in Java is certain that his friendship with Ismail, a Muslim village boy, is as solid and enduring as the majestic flame tree in the yard. But in the aftermath of 9/11, this friendship is severely tested.

THE DEMON QUEEN (book) (Kindle)

Jesse is a boy with a mysterious past who escapes the scrutiny of Homeland Security and ends up living in a foster home in a small Illinois town. Then Honor Clarke, daughter of an anthropologist who has done researched black magic in Bali, shows up. Strange things begin to happen, and Jesse’s new, fragile sense of home is soon shattered.

MONSTER’S PROOF (book) (Kindle)

A young math genius proves the existence of a mathematical monster, accidentally unleashing it upon the world.

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